TD/TIMBER.3/12 Page 2


The Parties to this Agreement,

(a) Recalling the Declaration and the Programme of Action on the Establishment of a New International Economic Order; the Integrated Programme for Commodities; the New Partnership for Development; and the Spirit of So Paulo and So Paulo Consensus, as adopted by UNCTAD XI;

(b) Also recalling the International Tropical Timber Agreement, 1983, and the International Tropical Timber Agreement, 1994, and recognizing the work of the International Tropical Timber Organization and its achievements since its inception, including a strategy for achieving international trade in tropical timber from sustainably managed sources;

(c) Further recalling the Johannesburg Declaration and Plan of Implementation as adopted by the World Summit on Sustainable Development in September 2002, the United Nations Forum on Forests established in October 2000 and the associated creation of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests, of which the International Tropical Timber Organization is a member, as well as the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, the Non-Legally Binding Authoritative Statement of Principles for a Global Consensus on the Management, Conservation and Sustainable Development of All Types of Forests, and the relevant Chapters of Agenda 21 as adopted by the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in June 1992, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity and the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification;

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